New Coloring Books Coming Soon

We continue to expand our catalog.


Frank Walsh

3/24/20231 min read

sampler cover adult coloring book
sampler cover adult coloring book

We have three new coloring books to be published soon on Amazon!

The first is "Coloring Book Sampler".

This title takes two images from each of our first series of coloring books (17 books in all) and includes 4 bonus images for a total of 38 pages to color.

The second is "I Love Myself! and Everything! and Everyone else!"

This coloring book is based on positive affirmations--I Love Myself, I Love My Friends!, I Love Being Brave, etc., with a total of 50 affirmations and matching images.

The third new title is "Flower Power Mandalas" which creates a synergy between flowers and the round shape of the mandala to create unique and striking results.

We'll update the site when these titles become available for purchase.